sábado, 6 de dezembro de 2014

sábado, 15 de novembro de 2014

39º Colóquio da Qualidade

Paulo Sampaio, Cristina Fernandes, Mónica Melo and Síria Barros have attended the 39º Colóquio da Qualidade, that took place in Lisbon in November 13-14.


quinta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2014

Anabela Martins, PhD Student from RGQE, @ ISO/TC 276

Anabela Martins, PhD Student of the Research Group on Quality and Excellence, was appointed by the Portuguese Institute for Quality (IPQ, to the ISO technical committee 276 (ISO/TC 276 - Biotechnology). 

Anabela will participate in this TC to develop the future standard for management systems and quality of biobanks (biorepositories that store human derivative materials) and bioresources (e.g., bacteria, fungi, algae, etc.). The work will be developed in line with the OECD Best Practice Guidelines for Biological Resource Centres (BRCs).  

Anabela Martins has a professionally-strong profile on the ISO standards (9001, 17025, among others) as a consultant. In addition, she is undertaking her PhD thesis in Chemical and Biological Engineering PhD Program under the supervision of Prof. Nelson Lima from CEB, and Prof. Paulo Sampaio from the Systems and Production Department, on the topic “Development of a framework for quality management in BRCs”.

terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2014

Paulo Sampaio @ Tokyo, Japan

During the next week, Paulo Sampaio will be attending the International Conference on Quality, Tokyo, where he will deliver a speech etitled "Quality Management Principles and Practices Impact on the Companies’ Quality Performance".
Paulo Sampaio will also participate in the International Academy for Quality General Assembly @ Nagoya.

Paulo Sampaio @ Athens, Greece

Paulo Sampaio attended last week to the 1st ASQ European Country Counselor Summit!

terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2014


There is a considerable number of publications that is focused in the link between quality management and organizational performance. However, the analysis of the direct effects and results of the quality management principles and practices in Portuguese organizations quality performance is an innovative issue.
The American Society for Quality (ASQ) research entitled “The Global State of Quality Research Overview” (2013) highlight the best quality management organizational structure which includes the quality management principles and practices that lead to a maximization of the organization results.
From the ASQ study, explanatory key factors, which are extensively being used during the whole research and which are highly related to the variability in the application of principles and practices, were established. 1) There are significant differences in the use and application of quality management and practices in organizations from the industry sector as well as in organizations from the service sector. 2) There is a general idea that the organizations of higher dimension tend to use more mature quality practices. Although this idea is appropriate for various practices, in general, the dimension of the organization has less impact than the organization activity sector concerning the application of mature quality practices. 3) There is no relevant indication that the use of quality principles and practices differs per region, generally. Some variations do exist, but normally they are related to the dimension, sector or other unidentified factors. (ASQ, 2013).
Hence, the aim of this research is to develop a conceptual model that reflects the relationship between the implementation of quality management principels and practices (QMPPs) and impact on the organizations quality performance.
Based on the literature review carried out, we have identified the most common and used QMPPs and then proposed a conceptual model that relates those QMPPs with the companies’ quality performance. In order to validate these QMPPs and consequently the conceptual model developed, we conducted several semi-structured interviews with the Portuguese Quality Leaders. Figure 1 presents the conceptual model developed.

 Figure 1 - Conceptual Model: Relationship between QMPPs and their impact in organizations quality performance.

The goal of this research is to analyze if the implementation of QMPPs results in an improvement of companies´ quality performance.
Our final conceptual model will be statistically validated based on a survey that will be sent to the Portuguese companies. The structural equation modeling (SEM) technique will be used for statistical validation.
This work will not only contribute to bridge the gap, that is reflected in open literature, but it will also provide to the quality professionals an approach to an efficient quality management implementation in the organizations. It may also be used by researchers to develop the quality management theory.

Síria Barros
PhD Student
Research Group in Quality and Excellence 
University of Minho

quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2014

Ana Cristina Fernandes @ Palermo, Italy

Cristina Fernandes will attend the EUROMA Conference that will take place in Palermo, Italy, during the next week, where she will deliver a speech entitled "Conceptual Model for Supply Chain and Quality Management integration", by Ana Cristina Fernandes, Huy Truong, Paulo Sampaio, Maria do Sameiro Carvalho.

Paulo Sampaio @ Gothenburg, Sweden

Paulo Sampaio attended the EOQ Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden where he delivered a speech entitled "A model proposal for integrated management systems maturity assessment", by Pedro Domingues, Paulo Sampaio and Pedro Arezes.


quinta-feira, 1 de maio de 2014

Paulo Sampaio @ MIT, Boston, and ASQ WCQI, Dallas

Paulo Sampaio is currently at MIT in order to plan is next year sabbatical term.

Between Saturday and Tuesday he will be attending the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement that will take place in Dallas, TX.


segunda-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2014

1st International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management

For the first time it will take place the International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management, combining two areas that are usually not together as it was expected – Quality Engineering and Quality Management. It is our hope that this conference will become one of the largest and important scientific events in the Quality Engineering and Management research area. Thus, it is our great pleasure to invite you to contribute with a paper to be presented at the 1st International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management that will take place in Guimarães – Portugal, at the University of Minho. Let’s take advantage of this great opportunity and make with your contributions an event with Quality!

Conference Co-founders

Paulo Sampaio, University of Minho
António Ramos Pires, Portuguese Association for Quality
Pedro Saraiva, University of Coimbra
Marti Casadesús, University of Girona
Frederic Marimon, International University of Catalunya

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