quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2012

ASQ Influential Voices - May

May post “The Government/Quality Puzzle
Paul Borawski, ASQ CEO
In 2010, I have the pleasure to participate in a research project that was promoted by the Portuguese Association for Quality to produce the first, and until now, the unique, Portuguese study about the Future of Quality – “The Future of Quality in Portugal”. The team was coordinated by Professor Pedro Saraiva, Full Professor of the University of Coimbra and distinct member of the International Academy for Quality.
Three main conclusions related to public policies that had arisen from the study were the following:
- It should be developed and implemented a new generation of public policies in order to promote Quality in Portugal.
- It should be developed and implemented a National Quality Strategy, based on a National Quality Agenda, in order to promote the commitment of the different players to achieve a sustainable economic and social development.
- Additionally, it should be established a set of regional mechanisms in order to promote Quality locally. 
In Portugal we have excellent examples of public organizations and institutions that adopt and promote Quality, based on ISO 9001 certification or in the implementation of the EFQM Model. However we need more excellent examples to promote Quality, at a national level first, and at international level in the middle term.