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Welcome to the Research Group on Quality and Organizational Excellence!

The Research Group on Quality and Organizational Excellence is a research group that develops is work in the field of quality engineering and management and organizational excellence.

Join us and contribute to build “A better world with Quality”.

Paulo Sampaio

terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2018

QOE @ International Conference on Quality and Engineering Management, Barcelona

The Research Group on Quality and Organizational Excellence (RG-QOE) was represented at the 3rd International Conference on Quality and Engineering Management (ICQEM2018) that took place in Barcelona, Spain, between July 11 and 13.

Paulo Sampaio, the coordinator of the RG-QOE, is the conference chair of this biannual event, which the third edition took place in the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, in Barcelona.
Around 100 people attended the conference and some members of the RG-QOE presented their work.

On July 12:
- Ana João Mendes presented the "The EFQM Excellence Model in a Research Centre";
- Dalilis Ecobar presented the "Delight in excellent tourism experiences: The role of the exceptional value";
- Catarina Saraiva and Pedro Domingues presented the "Contributions towards the improvement of the IMS-MM©: A Delphi method study";
- Ilknur Uzdurum presented the "«Qualiteer»: the new professional of the 21st Century".

On July 13:
- Rui Oliveira presented the "A maturity model to assess Supply Chain Quality Management integration";
- Aneta Kucińska-Landwójtowicz presented the "Barriers to the development of Continuous Improvement maturity in the manufacturing company"; 
- Catarina Cubo presented the "World State of Quality 2017: results of a worldwide approach to measure macroquality";
- Alfonso Hérnandez presented the "Integrating management systems in pursue of sustainability" and the "Assessing the financial effects of adopting multiple certifications".

Further, Alfonso Hérnandez was awarded with the "Best Student Paper" award.

sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2018

QOE @ Closing event of Innovative Car HMI

The closing event of the Innovative Car – Human Machine Interface (IC-HMI) program took place on July 5th at Forum Braga, Braga, Portugal. This program is the result of the partnership between the University of Minho and Bosch Car Multimedia and involved 30 innovation and research projects since 2015 with a € 55M investment. 

Many innovative solutions were developed in the IC-HMI program, and the main results achieved were presented by each project team. Further, the participants were able to see demonstrations of some of these new technologies, such as the next generation head-up displays, the cockpit of the future, car2x communication, driver monitoring camera, or milk run robot. 

Some members of the Research Group on Quality and Organizational Excellence (RG-QOE) were involved in the IC-HMI program, specifically in the project: ‘Supply Chain Quality Management’ (SCQM). This project explored the integration of quality management practices along the supply chain, aiming to develop some tools to promote the decision making process and improve the Supply Chain performance. The project team involved some professors and researchers from the Department of Production and Systems of University of Minho, as well as some Quality Management and Methods collaborators from Bosch Car Multimedia, Braga.

(From left to right: Catarina Cubo; Ana Cristina Fernandes; Paulo Sampaio; Rui Estrada; Rui Oliveira)

quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2018

QOE @ Opole University of Technology, Poland

Paulo Sampaio, Coordinator of the Research Group on Quality and Organizational Excellence (RG-QOE) is currently in Poland, visiting the Opole University of Technology.

This visit intends to promote and enlarge the cooperation between the University of Minho and the Opole University of Technology. Paulo Sampaio addressed a lecture entitled 'The Future of Quality' to the Production Engineering Master Students and had also the chance to visit a Portuguese company located in Opole – BA (Barbosa e Almeida).
All the visit was prepared by Professor Aneta Kucinska-Landwójtowicz, that was recently visiting the RG-QOE, as a Visiting Scholar.

terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2018

Presentations of PhD students in the DPISE workshop

The Doctoral Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering (DPISE) Workshop ( took place on May 14th in Guimarães, Campus of Azurém, University of Minho.

This annual event intends to share the work that is currently being done by the PhD students of this doctoral program. The RG-QOE was represented by Paula Sá and Luiz Ayres.
Paula Sá presented the "Quality Management in Portuguese Higher Education Institutions".

Luiz Ayres presented the "Suppliers’ development maturity evaluation model in competitive environments".

quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2018

QOE @ World Conference on Quality and Improvement, Seattle

The Quality and Organizational Excellence Research Group (QOE-RG) is represented at 2018 World Conference on Quality and Improvement that is taking place in Seattle, WA, between April 30 and May 2.
The QOE-RG was represented in the Flags Ceremony by André Carvalho.

Further, André Carvalho also presented a session 'Are Excellence-Oriented Organizations More Adaptable?' by André Carvalho, Paulo Sampaio, Eric Rebentisch and Pedro Saraiva. This work is the result of his current PhD research.

quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2018

Aneta Kucinska-Landwojtowicz at QOE-RG as a Visiting Scholar

Aneta Kucinska-Landwojtowicz is a Visiting Scholar at the QOE - research group and at the University of Minho during this month of April. She is a Assistant Professor at Opole University of Technology and develops her research in the quality management and innovation fields of expertise.

In the QOE monthly meeting several possibilities were discussed in order to the development of future didactic and scientific partnerships between University of Minho and Opole Univesity of Technology (Poland).

quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2018

QOE @ SHO 2018, Guimarães

The Quality and Organizational Excellence Research Group (QOE–RG) was represented at the International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene (SHO) 2018. The event took place in Guimarães, Portugal between March 26-27. 

The QOE-RG was represented by Pedro Domingues, as a chair of the session ‘Safety Management’. Further, Catarina Saraiva (picture), presented the paper ‘Latest effortts aimed at upgrading the IMS-MM’ by Catarina Saraiva, Pedro Domingues, Paulo Sampaio, and Pedro Arezes. This work is the result of Catarina Saraiva master dissertation Quality Engineering and Management that was supervised by Pedro Domingues and Paulo Sampaio.