quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2012

ASQ Influential Voices - November

November post “World Quality Month: Accelerating Quality
Paul Borawski, ASQ CEO
November, World Quality Month

This month is a month of celebration for all Quality Professionals - November is the World Quality Month. The World Quality Day has been celebrated in November 8 with a lot of worldwide initiatives.

Celebrate this month! Celebrate it with Quality!

It is well known that the current economic recession is affecting, in different ways, organizations and, in particular, the implementation of activities and practices of Quality. Nevertheless, most organizations continue to highlight the commitment to Quality as a competitive advantage in the global market and an "anti-crisis" strategy.

An organization that provides goods or services of high Quality can be affected in two ways – with products and services of high Quality and with a better performance than the ones of the competitors, the organization could improve their financial results; secondly, when an organization is able to achieve an higher state Quality has more propensity to substantially change their organizational culture.

In the present context that the world is experiencing, we need urgently that our organizations, public and private, achieve a higher level of Quality. For that, it is necessary the involvement and contribution of all Quality Professionals, because Quality Professionals should act as change managers and drivers of excellence, with the ability to anticipate the situations and to involve the organizations top management.

An excellent organization is that organization that achieves superior results through continuous improvement of its products and services and exceeds the customers’ expectations, which is recognized by his peers and is sustainable. It is not easy to have an excellent organization, but it is a challenge that must be pursued by all.